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The Wanted Experience

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Just a little note for you guys, I apologize for any typos or grammar errors.

As you guys know, I have been a dedicated TWFANMILY for 3 years now but never got a chance to meet them at all. But in September, after persuading my parents to let me go, they finally gave in and let me see them.  Since Singtel was one of their sponsors, they gave those who were Singtel subscribers to buy the tickets FIRST before anyone else. FORTUNATELY, I was a Singtel subscriber so I got to buy the ticket first.

On the day they started to sell the tickets for us, I was having exams on that day. Luckily, I only had one paper on that day & it was the last day of exams. I finished at around 10 and obviously, I immediately went to the nearest SISTIC outlet to buy the tickets. When I bought the tickets, I was the first 100 to buy them so I got a discount, so instead of the ticket being at $125, i only had to pay $118. Then I thought, maybe I should help my friend to buy these tickets too(She wasn’t a Singtel subscriber). So I asked her if she wanted me to help her buy them and she agreed so on that day, I bought two tickets (She did pay back).

-15 September-

The day of their arrival. Most of us wasn’t sure on what time their arrival was so I decided to go to the airport early just in case. I did see a few people( around 3 to 5 ) and waited for two of my friends, Aleena & Nadira. After I met them, we walked around, trying to see if there were anybody there. We then saw barricades set up at a particular entrance. We then thought this might be for them. So we asked the staff there why the barricades were set up and they said it was for TW. From there, all of us tried to find a spot for us to “camp” there, till they arrive.

As the time pass by, more people came and the place got even louder. I also got a chance to meet other TWFANMILY  and now are one of my closest friends. Anyway, while we were waiting , some of us decided to make signs for them. I came up with “ERHMAHGURD TOM, CAN I TOUCH YOUR HARD ROCK ABS?” it made one of the reporters laugh.

As we were waiting & waiting, and since we sat down for a long time, our butts starts to hurt and stuff like that so my friend decided to stand up and everyone thought she stood up because she saw the boys so everyone stood up. Trust me, they didn’t come like an hour later.

When they FINALLY came out, we were screaming our lungs out. I started crying hysterically & they were filming us for their flip. The first one that came out was Siva. Holy crap. If you haven’t met him, let me tell you…. you will feel extremely tiny when you stand beside him. I didn’t get to hug him but I got to hold his hand. SOFT LIKE A BABY’S BUTT. After that, Tom came out. I’m head over heels for Tom so obviously I did all my might to get him to notice me & HE DID! He saw me crying and said “aw don’t cry!” and kissed my cheek and hugged me. ASDFGHJKL I DIED.  Like I was exploding inside. Anyway, the next person to come out was Nathan & you could really see he was tired and most of the time he was like “Be careful!” <3 Anyway, the last one to come out was Max and I got to hold his biceps. DAMN THOSE BICEPS. I DID took a video of their arrival and stuff but I don’t think you guys would want to see it because most of the time, im shaking the camera.

Me and all my friends then ran outside to their van to see them. Remember those signs we did? Yeah, I managed to give my sign to Nathan so pretty much they saw my sign. SCORE! When the van drove off, I ran and I knocked on the window and Tom saw me and placed his hand on the window. So it was kind of like “my hand-glass window-tom’s hand”. Anyways, we made a plan where we would “accidentally” put on of our phones inside their van & hopefully get them to answer. And they did! Tom picked up! <3 <3 <3 It was unbelievable. We then texted them saying thank you and they replied back! <3

After that, we went to their hotel and got our phone back and from there we waited for hours. It was already 7 and my mum was asking me to go home to have dinner. I didn’t want to go home because I was afraid that once I go home, they would come out. So I waited a few more minutes but then gave up so I went home. And by the time I got in the train, my friend called me, telling me that Max came out. Yup, you guessed it right. I died and I actually cried in the train. Because if I didn’t give up, I could have met Max. I was sort of jealous/frustrated/upset.

-16th September-

Another special day. It was the day of the autograph session & of course their first ever CONCERT. Yes, they came to Asia every year but they always did like showcases and not concerts. Anyway, me & my friends went to their hotel to hopefully get a chance to meet them. There were a few people there waiting for them too. We waited since early in the morning till the time of the autograph session. We gave up and went to the venue. And guess what? After we left, they came out. Yup. I was crashing inside. Anyways, when we went there, there were tons of people.

When they came out, obviously we screamed our lungs out again. They talked for a few minutes and then started signing. Before I know it, me and my friend was next in line. And again, I cried my eyes out. I had some gifts for the boys obviously. I bought skittles, and a Manchester United globe for Nathan. I also did one huge freaking letter just for them. Some person(staff, apparently) then asked me to hand it over to them and I was like “bitch no” lol I’m just kidding. I told them it was not for them LOL IM A LIARRRR.  I met Nathan first and he saw me crying and he went, “Awww babe! Don’t cry!” and gave me a really tight hug. & you know they had to keep signing because they need to hurry up but Nathan didn’t. He made sure I was okay before continuing signing. I don’t know for you but that has to be one of the most sweetest thing anyone could do.  Next was Jay. He saw me crying and went “I got you babe!” and hugged me and kissed my neck. YEAH BITCHES HE WANTED TO GIVE ME A HICKEY. lol just kidding. got a lil bit too carried away hahahaha. anyways, i gave him my gifts and I was pushed away by the damn guards. I was blocked by some staff bitch and I couldn’t get a hug from Siva or Max. I blame that bitch. Anyways, the last one was Tom. He didn’t see me so before I was pushed away from the guards again, I quickly screamed, “Tom!” with my arms wide open. He saw me and said “Thank you for coming! I really appreciate it!” and gave a kiss and hug AGAIN.  After that, I went down & me and my friend was just fangirling our hearts away AKA crying. We then quickly took a cab to Max Pavilion. The place where the concert was held. Yes, obviously I fangirled cos the place has ‘Max’ in it. Anyway, remember when I told you I was a singtel subscriber? Yeah we also got ‘priority’ pass.. or so I thought. I found out we needed to buy at the Singtel shop to get priority pass which was a particular chop. DAMN IT. So we had to join in the normal line. I was frustrated as hell. While waiting to get in, we were pushed so much and I couldn’t even breathe. We waited for like an hour. Those guards were being bitchy that night, fyi.

When they led us in, me and my friend ran like cheetahs and manage to get to like the 6/7th row? It was a pretty good view, I should say.

During the concert, holy crap, it was crazy! Everyone was jumping & pushing around & I couldn’t even see them. I led that pass and just try to have a good time( I already was, lol). As you guys know, I have some heart problems since April this year where if I did anything too intense, I would get this sharp pain around my heart area. Because I was jumping and screaming, my body couldn’t take it and the pain started to occur. It was hurting like a bitch and it kept coming every damn time and at one point I almost fainted so I had no choice but to go all the way to the back. Yes, I died. When I was trying to pass through everyone, people asked me if I was okay. I just nodded my head and went back. I was honestly so dizzy like it wasn’t even a joke.

Anyways, when I went back, they just finished one of their songs and was picking their Heart Vacancy girl. They were picking at the back so I ran to them but they chose another girl already. I then went back and started recording them sing and I started crying because I started to think “Wow, I finally got to meet them. My idols I have been supporting for 3 years”. Then they sang their hearts out and they were just completely perfect.

After the concert, it was time to go home. I called my parents to come fetch me and my friend and apparently while they were on the way, they were legit behind their van. YES, I DIED AGAIN. And my mum took a video of it. I was in total shock. Anyways, while sending my friend back home, we just started tweeting about the concert and how great it was and so on . Honestly one of the best days of my lives.

They’re just so inspirational. They started out with hopes and dreams, and see where they are now. Day after day as they get more known, they never forget about their fans. We would do anything in the world to meet them, while they would do anything in the world to get us meet them. They’re just the most perfect human beings ever. They helped me so much. They got me back on track. They made me believe in my hopes and dreams, even if it seems impossible.

Being a TWFANMILY was one of the greatest decision I have ever made! <3

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